Pair of Inboard Rear Air Cups with fittings

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Pair of Inboard Rear Air Cups with fittings


From £11.45 a month on finance (based on £400.00 Purchase) *Subject to Terms and Conditions
From £11.45 a month on finance (based on £400.00 Purchase) *Subject to Terms and Conditions
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This kit consists of:

  • 2 x air cups

  • 1 x 10 metre airline

  • 2 x T-splitters

Allows those currently running a front Air cup setup to either move your air lift system to a new car, or add rear cups to make a 4-corner setup. 

Also available for true coilover setups available here on our store!

Air cups come with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Please Note:
Air Cups are designed to raise the car over an obstacle and then return to standard ride height. They are not designed to be driven on for extended periods when fully inflated. This means you never lose the performance of your coilovers and won't be stranded if any part of the air system gets damaged.
If you're looking for a kit that allows you to drop your car low when parked and raises for driving see our range of full air-suspension kits here.
Inboard Rear Air Cups [Pair]   £400.00
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Custom rear cups are available for cars with a separate rear spring and shock. So far only applicable on the BMW E9x series and 350z platform (350z, 370z, g35, g37, genesis coupe).


The custom rear cup will take 30mm of height, If there is enough thread left spring perch to lower the springs, it won't be a problem. If not, you will need to install shorter springs. For the 350z platform, keep in mind that if you don't have a linear spring adapter yet, this also will take 30mm of height.

Recommended spring lenghts:
- BMW E90 series: 180mm
- 350z platform: 160mm


- Linear springs needed. For the 350z platform you can use a linear spring adapter to install linear springs
- Minimal spring lenght before installing the rear air cups: 210mm
- Spring perch thread diameter: max 50mm 
Minimum spring inner diameter: 61mm
Maximum spring outer diameter: 105mm


- Diameter: 130mm
- Height: 75mm
- Air cup stroke: 25mm (results in 40-50mm actual lift)
- Air cup thickness: 30mm


Custom rear cupsMEASUREMENTS Springs

• The spring outer diameter must be less than 105mm.
• The inner diameter must be 61 mm or more.

SPRINGS measurements

Linear springs
The air cup lift system will only fit on linear springs, it will not fit on ''shaped'' springs as shown in the figure. If you have ''shaped'' springs, it's often possible to install linear springs.

High spring rates
If you're using extreme high spring rates, higher than the original rates that came with your coilovers, then it's possible that you can't use the full 50mm lift from the air cups. Due to the extreme high spring rates, the weight of the car won't compress the springs and damper enough to create a stroke for the air cups to lift. This can be solved by using helper springs. 

HOW DOES IT WORK? measurements

The air cup is mounted on the top of the spring and just acts like a spacer. When you put pressure in the system, the air cup will expand and the car will raise up to 50mm. The air cup lift system does not affect the ride quality and performance of your coilovers.

• Max total car weight: 2000 kg / 4400 lbs (or max axle weight: 1300 kg / 2850 lbs)

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