Pipercross Viper Induction Kit for BMW E36 M3 3.2i Evolution - (09/95 - 12/00)

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Pipercross Viper Induction Kit for BMW E36 M3 3.2i Evolution - (09/95 - 12/00)


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From 4 monthly payments of £51.06 (based on £204.24 Purchase) *Subject to Terms and Conditions
From 4 monthly payments of £51.06 (based on £204.24 Purchase) *Subject to Terms and Conditions
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The Viper is Pipercross's premium induction system, first seen and developed specifically for the famous Lotus 340R. Using 'velocity air force', each Viper air intake directs cold air directly into the engine. The cold air feed takes air from an area of cold, dense air straight into the Viper's inlet, passing to a unique Pipercross reverse-flow air filter enclosed within a sealed airbox protected from heat by a carbon fibre heat shield.

The carbon fibre heat shield is an important part of the kit, protecting the inlet's air flow from the ambient under bonnet heat, keeping it cool and therefore more dense. This helps introduce more oxygen into the combustion mixture, giving increased efficiency, power and response.

The reverse flow technology filter and 150mm ram pipe make use of the physical phenomenon of air tending to move towards surface area's, creating more air flow on the edge rather than in the centre of the inlet. The unique design of the filter cone and the inlet 'tune' the moving air flow to increase its speed and therefore its pressure maximising the laminar air flow into the engine, again resulting in increased power.

We do our best to keep a wide range of Pipercross products in stock, but due to the size of their catalogue this isn't possible to stock everything. Please be aware there may be a wait of 3-6 working days for any Pipercross order.

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Pipercross foam air filter technology

Pipercross air filters are constructed using high performance foam to ensure only clean air enters your engine. Pipercross believe that foam is the best material for air filtration for a number of reasons:

High dust capacity

Pipercross filters have undergone independant MIRA testing and results showed Pipercross foam has the ability to hold more than twice the dust particles of that held by cotton-gauze filters, without affecting airflow efficiency.

Low maintenance

When the time comes that an air filter has reached it's full dust capacity, all Pipercross air filters can be easily washed with plain water or our cleaning solution and then re-oiled where necessary.

This ease of maintenance is essential when working to strict time constraints at all levels of competition.

Resistance to contaminants

Pipercross foam is developed to resist attack from airborne contaminants in the most extreme of environments and typically has a lifespan of three times greater than a comparable paper filter.

Fire retardant

When impregnated with Pipercross dirt retention additive, our foam filters are resistant against flames due to spit back.

Pipercross triple layer foam cross-section

The Pipercross filter's long lifespan is due to the dirt storage capacity of the foam cells which means that no air passage is blocked until all the cells in a layer of foam are completely filled. Our air filters are designed to hold contaminants in the filter's outer layers, with the inner layers acting as a secondary measure to ensure an exceptionally high level of engine protection.

Varying outer surface finishes are employed to give optimum results in different environments. A dry liner of coarse material, or profiling designed to increase surface area, are two such finishes used by Pipercross.

*Please only use approved Pipercross oils on our foam laminate filters as directed. Do not oil Pipercross dry foam

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