Gear Shift Knobs

What Difference Does An Aftermarket Gear Knob Make?

The shape and design of a gear knob can affect comfort and your connection with a manual car more than you think. An ergonomically designed gear knob can help reduce driver fatigue but also help make your driving experience that little bit more pleasurable with every gear change. Quality materials like leather or suede only add to the enjoyment of your drive. Switching out your stock gear knob for an aftermarket version is also a great way of adding a bit of your personality and unique style to your car's interior. The gear knobs we stock come in loads of different designs and sizes so you can find the perfect one for you and your driving style.

What Types Of Gear Knobs Are Available?

There are several types of gear knobs available in the market, some of which include:

Ball-shaped gear knobs: These gear knobs are the most common and traditional type of gear knob thanks to their simple, spherical shape.
Pistol grip gear knobs: Shaped like a gun's grip, they offer a comfortable, unique look that harks back to many muscle cars that featured them in the 1970's.
Custom gear knobs: These gear knobs tend to have unique stand out designs when compared to the majority of other gear knobs out there, often with custom logos too.

There are also several brands of gear knobs available in the market, including well-known brands such as Sparco, MOMO, NRG Innovations, and Blox Racing. These brands offer different materials, designs, and colors to suit the driver's preferences and match the car's interior.