Nitron Coilovers

Nitron coilovers and shocks are designed, developed and manufactured at their international headquarters in Oxfordshire's prestigious ‘Motorsport Valley’, using the very latest technology and cutting-edge production techniques. With over 20 years of global racing experience under their belt, Nitron has celebrated countless worldwide race wins and lap records across a wide variety of environments from deserts and mountain trails to race circuits including the infamous Nürburgring. Nitron suspension is created with extraordinary attention to detail, and combined with proven engineering principles, will provide you with the very best in performance, reliability and style.

What makes Nitron suspension unique?

Nitron's customer service is of the highest level no matter where a customer may be in the world. With service centres all over the world, the maintenance and service support of your Nitron shock can be guaranteed. Production lines in the UK, USA, Japan and Malaysia afford the ability for Nitron to manufacture hand built customer specific products in addition to their full service capabilities, plus all of their service centres are factory trained to rebuild and modify Nitron products to your exact requirements. Every product is built to the highest standards to ensure years of reliable, tailored use - whatever your requirement.

How are Nitron coilovers made?

Each Nitron coilover is built using precision CNC machined components using UK-sourced billet materials, each of which has undergone an extensive and rigorous design and development program to ensure optimal performance. Nitron shocks are designed using a modular system which allows maximum flexibility throughout the development of each application. Individual components are machined to exacting standards and are inspected by trained technicians as part of their strict quality control process. Through extensive testing of new materials, finishes and processes and by combining technologies unique to Nitron, every shock is built to outperform and outlast its competitors so you get the very ultimate suspension available.</p>

Are Nitron coilovers serviceable?

Nitron coilovers are built to perform so they can withstand years of environmental attack. However, as with every high-performance component on a vehicle, some level of servicing is recommended to maintain optimal performance. Nitron’s service is unlike any other, with every shock being returned in an ‘as new’ technical condition. Nitron replaces all the critical components, fluids, gas, seals and bushes. Every race shock is also checked and calibrated on a dynamometer to ensure that it performs to the same exacting standards as it did when it first left the factory. Every shock is also marked with a unique identity  - so no matter where in the world it is serviced, Nitron’s engineers have access to data that provides the unique and precise specifications required.

Nitron NTR R1 coilover kit

The NTR R1 coilover system offers unrivalled performance and value with a design that gives drivers a wide range of control via a 2-way combined damping adjustment. Developed from Nitron’s full race suspension and sharing many components with the R3 system, the R1 offers exceptional performance, reliability and value for both road and track use. Widely praised by drivers around the world and respected for out-performing considerably more expensive coilover kits. Nitron R1 kits are hand built with ultra-low friction components and come without the need for a remote canister. High-grade materials and finishes protect against corrosion whilst reducing weight and because each R1 kit is custom built, they are fully serviceable too.

Nitron NTR R3 coilover kit

The NTR R3 coilover system sets the standard to ultimate performance with a designs that offers drivers and engineers unparalleled 3-way independent damping adjustment. By incorporating Nitron’s class leading large diameter piston and ultra-strong piston rod, the R3 system gives you outstanding levels of performance, damping control and adjustment. The piggyback or remotely mounted reservior allows quick and simple independent adjustment of rebound and fast and slow compression damping. A proven race winner and lap record holder across a wide spectrum of international motorsports, the R3 really does allow you to exploit the full potential of your car. High-grade materials and finishes protect against corrosion whilst reducing weight and because each R3 kit is custom built, they are fully serviceable too.