Driftworks solid subframe bushes - Nissan

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Driftworks solid subframe bushes - Nissan

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Our Driftworks Solid Subframe Bushes totally eliminate all subframe movement, allowing the suspension to work at it's best with no compromise.

You receive 8 high quality turned aluminium bushes - 4 for the top (flat), and 4 for the bottom (recessed) of your subframe.

These fit all S13, S14, S15 200sx and Silvia, Z32 300ZX and all
GTST R32, R33 and R34 Skylines.

NOTE: These bushes do not fit Skyline GTR Subframes



1 set of CNC'd aluminium subframe bushes.

Track driving puts a lot of stress on the standard subframe bushes. They just aren't up to the abuse we throw at them, and can cause unwanted movement, axle tramp, and nasty vibrations, particularly when an uprated LSD is fitted.

These CNC'd aluminium subframe bushes for Nissan 200SX/Silvia S13/S14/S15, 300ZX and Skyline GTST R32/R33/R34 fit in place of the standard bushes, 4 on top of the subframe, and 4 below. If you are looking for something a little more compliant, and daily driver friendly, but still heavily uprated check out our poly subframe bushes.

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Cristiano Bianchi


Replaced my standard sub-frame bushes which were in bad condition and becoming worse with my welded diff. I feel the diff a bit more now but it wasn't as bad as expected. Nice to know they won't need to be replaced either.

Jonathan Longden

First thing is you certainly get alot of metal for your money.Heavy duty lumps of alloy. Easily fitted.Not as harsh as i was expecting but certainly no subframe movement from now on.

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