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Spin Turn handbrake button - AE86 / RX7

Spin Turn handbrake button - AE86 / RX7

Driftworks - Braking
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In Drifting, the use of the handbrake is very important, both for initiation of a drift and for adjusting your line or extending a drift when you are sideways.
The sprung ratchet mechanism in a handbrake means that unless you depress the button on the end of the handbrake lever, when you pull the handbrake up, it locks on. Whilst this is great for parking, it can be a bit of a problem if you just wanted to give a little tweak of the rear brakes.
With spin turn knobs, you remove/disable the spring inside the handbrake so that when you pull the lever up, it simply falls back down when you let go. When you want to engage the ratchet on the handbrake for parking, you push the spin turn button forwards locking it in place.

These knobs have been specially made in the UK for Driftworks and we're very happy with the results.
These fit Toyota AE86 and Mazda RX7. 

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i bought this for my mark1 mx5 that did fit but if u cut 20mm off the end and re tap the thread it does stop it from jammin on! amazin delivery time orderd it monday, tuesday it was on the car plus u get a whamm! sweet cheers driftworks

"Michael Whiteley"

Arrived one day after dispatch. Fast Delivery Wasn't sure about buying one as my car is not listed... (MK2 MX5) but got the AE86 / RX7 fitment, and its worked fine! Took literally the time it takes to unscrew your old button, remove spring and screw new one

"Gianni Lamanuzzi"

This item works on a MK1 MX5! Easy to fit and looks bad ass :)

"Alex Crew"

Well worth the money nice little mod, took me about 3 minutes to install

"Jonathan Walker"

Does exactly what it's suposed to do ! easy to fit, easy to use and great quality

"Shaun Williamson"

great, thumbs up on this item it took me 2 secs to fit and it works great

"Gordon Hannington"

Took about 2mins to fit. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Oh and the instructions were spot on! No more nasty ratchet thing!!

"Rob West"

!!!!!!!!!!AE86/RX7 ONE ALSO FITS MX5'S!!!!!!!!!!!

"James Gascoigne"

great fast mod for your handbrake. and fits great(corolla)

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