Driftworks stainless steering bush - S13/R32/Z32

Driftworks stainless steering bush - S13/R32/Z32

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This stainless steel disc replaces the soft rubber bush in the S13, Z32 and R32 skyline steering column
This removes the inherent vagueness from the column and really tightens up steering feel and response.

This standard rubber bush failing is a fairly common MOT failure in older cars. Kill 2 birds with one stone, keep the MOT man happy at a fraction of the cost from the main dealers and uprate the crispness of your steering feel at the same time.

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8 Reviews

Berke Yılmaz

Love that thanks

Andy Todd

Fitted this to my S13 and it made a world of difference, even though the standard rubber one wasn't too worn. Steering feels much sharper with only a tiny amount of vibration. I found it easier to undo all 4 nuts on the joint and then drop the column from inside the car and pull it backwards - only took about an hour to do.

Stuart Lawson

fitted my a31 cefiro a treat and now means the car has an mot as the tester decided there was too much movement in the standard rubber one steering feels sharper and only took an hour to fit

Hamayun Mirza

Didnt realise how much play I had until I replaced my old tired rubber bush with this. The difference was huge. Highly recommended.

Thomas Westmacott

Got this for my 180SX, and can definitely recommend it. There seemed to be slightly more high frequency vibration coming back through the steering when I first had it on, but it seems to have bedded in now and is fine. It's definitely improved the steering.

Martyn Donaldson

fitted this onto my S13 when the engine was out so there was less hassle when fitting it. can only say that this is a great item, certainly improved steering response and made me feel confident in corners.

Steven Abbott

The description of this product is spot on. Highly recommended for all R32 and S13 owners, I can't detect any increase in noise or vibration, just much better steering response and feel. Excellent!

John Begley

took about 2 hours to fit. The steering has been improved big time, which when you see Nissans original its easy to tell the Driftworks number is far supreme.

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