KW Variant 5 Coilovers

KW Variant 5 - The Apex of Suspension Engineering

With KW V5, You Get Cutting-Edge Adjustability and Track-Proven Performance 

Variant 5 coilovers represent the pinnacle of suspension technology, offering state-of-the-art adjustability to fine-tune your vehicle's performance to perfection. With advanced features such as independent 4-way damping adjustment (compression, rebound, low-speed compression, and high-speed compression), these coilovers provide unparalleled control over your car's handling characteristics.

Given the complexity of Variant 5 coilovers and the advanced tuning capabilities they offer, professional installation by a skilled technician is essential to achieve optimal results. A trained professional can precisely configure the coilovers to your specifications, ensuring maximum performance and ride quality.

Variant 5 coilovers are engineered for drivers who demand the highest levels of performance on both the track and the street. With their cutting-edge damping technology and precision engineering, these coilovers deliver race-inspired handling, exceptional stability, and unmatched grip, allowing you to extract the full potential of your vehicle with confidence.

KW Suspension spares no expense when it comes to quality and durability, and Variant 5 coilovers are no exception. Constructed from aerospace-grade materials and precision-engineered components, these coilovers are built to withstand the most demanding driving conditions while maintaining peak performance over the long term.

While Variant 5 coilovers come with a premium price tag, they're a worthwhile investment for drivers who demand the absolute best in performance and adjustability. The advanced features, track-proven performance, and aerospace-grade construction make Variant 5 coilovers the ultimate choice for enthusiasts who refuse to compromise on performance.

So Why Should I Buy KW V5 Coilovers?

KW Variant 5 coilovers represent the epitome of suspension engineering, offering unrivalled adjustability, track-proven performance, and aerospace-grade durability for drivers who demand nothing but the best. While professional installation is essential, the advanced damping technology, race-inspired performance, and premium construction make Variant 5 coilovers the ultimate suspension upgrade for discerning enthusiasts.