Steering Angle & Lock Kits

Driftworks Geomaster 3 Drop Knuckles S13, S14, S15 - Front and Rear

From £611.77 £509.81

Wisefab BMW E90 and E92 M3 and non M3 Steering Lock Angle Kit Fits
£1,781.64 £1,484.70
Driftworks GeoMaster - Offset Steering Rack Spacers Nissan S Chassis
£79.00 £65.83
Wisefab BMW E36 3 Series Steering Lock Drift Angle Kit
£1,266.47 £1,055.39
Wisefab Aluminium Toe Plates
£108.00 £90.00
Wisefab S-Chassis V2 Kit with rack relocation
£2,017.76 £1,681.47
Wisefab - BMW E30/36 Front arm Lollipop Bushes with Rodend Adjusters
£160.99 £134.16
Wisefab Nissan S-Body Rack extender (Pairs)
£54.43 £45.36
Wisefab Adjustable E36 E46 Rear Lower Arm
£311.26 £259.38
BMW 4mm steering rack angle lock spacers
Special Price £7.00 £5.83 Regular Price £12.50
Save 44%
Wisefab Nissan S14 S15 Rear Drop Knuckle Suspension kit V2
£1,921.18 £1,600.98
Wisefab Nissan S13 S14 S15 steering Rack Relocation Kit
£316.62 £263.85
Destroy or Die - Mazda MX5/Miata/Eunos Rear Knuckle Kit

From £439.98 £366.65

Destroy or Die - Nissan S13/14/15 Front Super Knuckles (Pair)
£439.98 £366.65
Wisefab E36 E46 adjustable rear upper arm
£311.26 £259.38
Wisefab BMW E46 Non-M3 FD Legal Kit Steering Lock / Angle Kit
£1,266.47 £1,055.39
Wisefab - BMW E36 E46 Rear Upper Link Kit V2
£353.38 £294.48
Wisefab - BMW E36 E46 Rear Knuckle Suspension Kit
£1,403.11 £1,169.26
Wisefab BMW E36 Version 2 Front Drift Angle Lock Kit V2
£1,530.00 £1,275.00
Wisefab BMW E46 V2 Drift Angle Lock Kit Pro Long TRAIL Version
£1,530.00 £1,275.00

With a new set of knuckles or lock kit, you’ll be out there drifting, getting maximum sideways action and insane steering angle in no time. Fitting a Wisefab, Driftworks Geomaster or Destroy or Die kit to your car will translate into having much better handling, improved front grip, more precise steering, less tyre scrub and better feel during high speed drifting. Their infinite range of adjustments means you can dial in pinpoint accuracy to crush the competition without durability being an issue too thanks to tough steel construction. Available to bolt on directly to a number of drift car favourites such as the Nissan 350Z and Skyline, these kits will transform your car’s handling and make it the drifting weapon you’ve always dreamed of.