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Suspension Coilover Kits

Coilover suspension is usually the first and one of the most important modifications that people carry out to their car. Their is no doubt a slammed car looks awesome but the benefits of lowering your car don't stop with how it looks, the handling performance is also dramatically improved too. Upgrading your OEM suspension with coilovers means you can dial in the perfect ride height and damping adjustment so you can create the perfect setup for you and your driving style, meaning faster lap times or just a more comfortable ride around town.

We stock coilover suspension kits for a wide range of cars from leading manufacturers including HSD coilovers, KW suspension and BC Racing. Not only that but we pride ourselves on delivering the best customer service and advice when it comes to setting up your coilovers straight out of the box. Call or email the Driftworks technical sales team and they can help guide you through the best setup for your car based on how you use it.

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