Tein EDFC 5 Controller Kit

Tein EDFC 5 Controller Kit

  • Jerk-Reactive adjustment
  • Quieter motor operating sound over previous models
  • Ai learning function
  • LCD screen with improved visibility
  • Wireless functionality
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Description / Tein EDFC 5 Controller Kit

EDFC 5 achieves a harmonious balance between precise handling and plush ride comfort through the integration of jerk control, a groundbreaking development resulting from a fruitful collaboration between industry and academia, spearheaded by Professor Dai Watanabe from Shibaura Institute of Technology. This advanced system seamlessly tailors the vehicle's behavior to the driver's preferences.

Moreover, the incorporation of AI functionality ensures a seamless and comfortable jerk experience across all driving scenarios, eliminating any discomfort. Notably, EDFC 5's innovation extends to noise reduction, with a refined motor control method significantly minimizing operational noise. Even aftermarket components have been engineered to match the genuine product's quietness.

As an additional enhancement, the transition from the conventional HTN panel to the sleek VA panel has not only enhanced aesthetics but also improved visibility. To illustrate, when driving in a straight line, the damping force prioritizes ride comfort. Yet, during steering maneuvers, this system swiftly adjusts the damping force, ensuring a crisp response, and enhancing handling precision. Following the turn, it seamlessly reverts to a damping force that emphasizes comfort, effectively absorbing any unevenness experienced while cornering.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x EDFC 5 controller unit only

PLEASE NOTE: The EDFC 5 also requires the correct TEIN Motor Kit and strut extensions (if required) to ensure correct installation and functionality. Our friendly sales team can help you with sourcing the correct additional parts required for your vehicle via email at shop@driftworks.com.

Compatible with the following TEIN products:

  • Flex A
  • Flex Z
  • Street Advance Z
  • Street Advance
  • 4x4 Damper Sport
  • EnduraPro HC Plus
  • EnduraPro Plus SP Kit
  • EnduraPro Plus
  • Mono Racing
  • Mono Sport
  • Super Racing
  • Super Drift
  • Racing Flex


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