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Established back in 1997, Turbosmart are a world leading Australian manufacturer for turbo performance parts. Everything they build and test is done in-house by specialist Turbosmart engineers to make sure you continually get the most efficient boost control and prolonged life for your turbo. You can guarantee their products are highly regarded by the very best too, in 2018 Turbosmart won a massive 6 SEMA awards for their revolutionary Gen-V Wastegate range and its patented Electo-Mechanical blow-off valves.

Blow-Off Valves

Blow-Off Valves

Made from tough, durable billet aluminium Turbosmart's blow-off valves have many innovative feature like the billet V-band clamp for fast and reliable installation while their small, lightweight design carries big flow capabilities.

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Turbosmart Wastegates & IWGs

Wastegates & IWGs

Control the flow of exhaust gas from the engine to the turbocharger with a wastegate valve. Better control of the exhaust gas means the wastegate can control boost pressure provided by the turbocharger to the engine making it much more reliable.

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Turbosmart Boost Control

Boost Control

Choose from a simple manual or more sophisticated electronic boost controller to give you the boost settings required to make your car perform perfectly.

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Turbosmart Fuel Management

Fuel Management

Performance fuel injectors help maintain a stable base pressure while maximising a standard fuel system's ability to cope with minor power modifications.

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Turbosmart Oil Management

Oil Management

Oil management is key to ensuring a longer life for your turbo. With Turbosmart you get a solution to control the oil pressure going to the turbocharger, ensuring it never exceeds the manufacturer's recommended maximum oil pressure.

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