Vertex Monochrome Gear Shift Knob - White/Black

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  • Duracon construction with high wear resistance and strength with good heat resistance
  • Easy installation using the included thread adapter for M10 x P1.25, M10 x P1.5, M8 x P1.25 and M12 x P1.5
  • Includes 1x 5MT and 2x 6MT shift pattern layouts with Vertex logo
  • Reverse lockout compatible

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About Vertex


Established back in 1996 by street racer Takahiro Ueno, T&E (Technical & Elegant) Vertex has become the epitome of everything JDM. Ueno's passion for street racing along with a love for Soarers has helped fuel his desire to create incredible products that will always be a talking point in any car interior. Every embroidered Vertex steering wheel is a limited edition creation featuring a unique design influenced by Japanese culture. Using only the very best materials, Vertex brings together form and function with key components such as style, rigidity and tactility to help give you the most visually rewarding, direct driving experience.

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