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Walbro ITP216 Fuel Pump Toyota Corolla AE86/ Soarer/ Supra MK4

Walbro ITP216 Fuel Pump Toyota Corolla AE86/ Soarer/ Supra MK4

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Walbro uprated fuel pump
If you are upping your boost or modifying your engine, the chances are you are putting more strain on your already fairly old and tired fuel pump.
If the old pump is not up to the job of delivering enough fuel, you risk running lean and that's when detonation can occur.....

These pumps are a great cost effective replacement for the standard units and are well up to the job of delivering the increased flow of fuel needed for a highly tuned engine
No need for remapping after fitting as the fuel pressure regulator will make sure the flow is correct for your car.
Fuel pumps won't give any performance increase on their own, but they mean that your fuel system is upgraded to cope with increased boost, larger injectors and any other mods you might have in mind.

As fitted to the Driftworks S14a 200SX and R32 skyline

We stock a variety of popular fitments, but can get pumps for pretty much any car for both in tank and external fitting next day.
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