Alloy Wheels - 15 - 8.0 - ET35 - ET36 - ET37 - ET38 - ET39 - ET40 - ET41 - ET42 - ET43 - ET44 - ET45

Changing your stock alloy wheels for aftermarket ones is a great place to start if you’re looking to instantly improve the look of your car.Not only will they look the part and be less prone to corrosion, but you’ll be rotating less weight around your wheel hubs too, giving you much-improved handling and a better ride. However, finding the right alloy wheels can be tricky. With so many choices to make from wheel colour to design type and not to mention getting the correct sizes, making the right decision can very quickly become quite challenging. At Driftworks we’re here to help remove all of that complication so you get the right wheels for your car every time.

Alloy Wheels - 15 - 8.0 - ET35 - ET36 - ET37 - ET38 - ET39 - ET40 - ET41 - ET42 - ET43 - ET44 - ET45

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Why buy alloy wheels from Driftworks?

Since 2004 we’ve helped thousands of customers find awesome cast wheels from Japan Racing, Bola and Rota as well as lightweight custom forged wheels from Work Wheels Japan, SSR and, Rotiform. Our team of wheel specialists have years of knowledge and experience to help guide you toward the perfect wheels for your car. We pride ourselves on being one of the best in the business and we’re confident we’ll provide you with exactly what you need every time whether you have a road car, track weapon, off-road rig or SUV. No matter what your wheel knowledge and budget are, we can offer you a range of aftermarket alloy wheels that will fit the bill all while giving you the very best technical support.

How do I know what wheels are right for my car?

So you know what wheel style you want but have absolutely no idea what wheel diameter, width or PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) is right for your car. Don't worry, you can speak to our in-house team of experts to help you reach the holy grail of wheel fitment. Alternatively, check out, where you can compare new and existing wheel specs to make sure they work with popular car modifications such as big brake kits, coilovers or uprated tyres. However, when choosing alloy wheels you still have a number of options available to you depending on how far you want to go. A bolt-on fitment means exactly that, you can grab a set of wheels and simply bolt them straight onto your car without any issues. But if you're after something a little more special then some work will be required to either roll or cut the arches so you can fit much bigger, wider wheels that not only look better but also give you improved grip.

Is fitting aftermarket wheels simple?

Installation is in many ways similar to fitting standard OEM wheels with a few exceptions. Some aftermarket wheels can have smaller bolt holes over standard OEM offerings so you’ll need to use wheel tuner nuts or bolts to overcome this issue. Obviously, if the size of your new wheels is bigger than what you took off, it’s recommended to test fit without tyres to ensure you have enough clearance for brake setups, suspension components and of course, your arches so don’t cause damage to your car or even worse a road accident. At Driftworks safety is paramount and we stock a huge range of wheel accessories from bolts to tyres that will help you put together a killer combo that not only looks awesome but performs perfectly too.