Motegi Racing Wheels


MR145 Traklite

2 Colour Options

MR151 CS5

2 Colour Options

MR146 SS6

2 Colour Options

MR156 S12

1 Colour Option

MR152 SS5

3 Colour Options

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Originally developed for high-end racing enthusiasts, Motegi Racing is to this day still heavily involved in almost every form of motorsport you can think of. Having been one of only two brands that have ever partnered with Ferrari, Motegi Racing strives to create the very best wheels for both road and track use. Renowned for being lightweight, Motegi Racing wheels are created using flow-formed technology and have incredible cornering strength with the ability to handle high temperatures; making them the perfect choice for anyone looking for durable racing wheels. You may not see many road cars sitting on Motegi wheels at car shows but their motorsport heritage guarantees you wheels that will perform when you need them most.