Wisefab - BMW Steering Lock / Angle Kit
E30, E36, E46, E46M3, E90

Wisefab - BMW Steering Lock / Angle Kit
E30, E36, E46, E46M3, E90


From £30.51 a month on finance (based on £1,065.37 Purchase) *Subject to Terms and Conditions
From £30.51 a month on finance (based on £1,065.37 Purchase) *Subject to Terms and Conditions
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The Wisefab BMW lock kit is available for E30, E36, E46, E46M3 and E90. These kits are legal for use in a lot of championships, but for Formula Drift, and the Irish Drift Championship we now have a 'FD Legal Kit' for E46 and E46 M3.
The kit includes
2x Hub Knuckle Adapters (non-E90 kits only. E90 kits contain replacement hub knuckles)
2x One piece lower arm/tension rod
2x Tie Rods
2x Tie Rod Ends
2x Suspension Top Mounts
Optional Ackerman Adjust Kit (E90 kits only) 
Optional Alloy Eccentric Lollipop Bushes (E36 kits only)

Please note: Although we can normally dispatch quickly. Wisefab products can sometimes take 2 weeks to deliver from the point you order.

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This kit replaces these standard parts on your BMW: 

  • Lower arms
  • Tie rods
  • Tie rod ends
  • Suspension top mounts
  • The knuckle part is fitted in addition to your original knuckle (non-E90 kits only. E90 kit contains replacement hub knuckle)

Key features of the Wisefab kit

  • Offering over 60 degrees of steering lock, the near zero ackerman Wisefab BMW kit provides more steering angle than you will ever need, without hitting the lower arms like you would on a normal high steering angle BMW set up. 
  • Built in lock stops - Steering wobble at high steering angle can cause unwanted stress on components, so the Wisefab has a positive lock stop allowing you to chuck the car lock to lock with confidence.
  • Roll Centre Correction: The kit corrects roll centre by approx 35mm, keeping the correct lower arm angle on lowered cars, and compensating for the removal of the front anti roll bar.
  • Improved Camber Control - This helps keep the tyres contact patch as the suspension compresses, and when the car is in opposite lock. When drifting ( on opposite lock) often the leading wheel rolls into positive camber and looses it's contact patch on traditional drift car setups. The Wisefab kit has compensated for this..
  • Improved Steering Jacking - Steering Jacking is where where one side of the car lifts as steering lock is applied. On cars with a large amount of steering angle this can sometimes feel like you are fighting with the weight of the car when steering. The Wisefab kit has been designed to reduce steering jacking.
  • Steering speed is improved, and in spite of the castor and king pin inclination changes, the kit still self centres correctly.


  • Pictures show E46 FD Legal Kit. Other kits may differ
  • Motorsports use only -NOT FOR ROAD USE!
  • This kit changes the track width of the front suspension dramatically, It will require higher offset narrower wheels than you can fit using normal hubs.
  • Wider front wings (fenders) may be required.
  • IT is recommended that you don't use a tyre with a bigger diameter than 620mm (235/40/17 for example)
  • E30 kits require E36 inner tie rods
The Wisefab BMW steering lock kit, has been used with great success on a huge amount of competition cars. If you want the most insane steering angle on the planet, then this is the kit for you!
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