Wisefab Lexus IS200 Front Drift Angle Lock Kit Toyota Altezza SXE10

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The first-generation Lexus IS or Toyota Altezza is a massively popular drift car & we're very happy to announce the release of the Wisefab IS200 and Altezza SXE10 steering lock drift angle kit.

  • 65+ degrees of steering angle, parallel steering, adjustable lock stops.
  • You can tune your steering geometry either towards positive or negative Ackermann in just a few minutes even at trackside without messing up an alignment. (Ackermann adjustment kit is included)
  • The steering rack has been relocated to improve Ackermann curve which resulted in more usable angle with better feel and precise handling. Relocating the steering rack eliminates the need for rack offset spacers which means more rigid and precise handling.
  • Easily adjustable one-piece lower control arm design.
    Lower links are replaced with one arm. 
  • Unique upside-down upper control arm design that offers more clearance for suspension components to avoid any possible interference with the chassis. It also has double adjusters for convenient camber and caster adjustment.
  • Higher roll center.
    On Wisefab knuckle add-on, the joints are dropped, which brings the front roll centre up on a lowered car, providing higher roll stiffness and improving drivability.
  • Very good camber control and minimal bump steer with high steering angle.
    On drift cars the dynamic camber and bump steer is much more important than static.
  • Bump steer is is almost completely eliminated throughout the range of steering.
  • Steering jacking control.
    During drifting at extreme steering angle, jacking is also increased. We have changed the geometry to optimise this and prevent any handling issues.
  • Consistent and predictable self-alignment torque with excellent feedback and no over centre issues (Over centre is where the steering wheel gets stuck on full lock)
  • Original wheelspeed sensor (ABS sensor) can be used.

Kit includes

  • Steering rack relocation hardware (FD legal).
  • Knuckle add-ons with hardware.
  • Lower control arms.
  • Upper control arms
  • Assembled tie rods.
  • Installation guide.


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Wisefab has become synonymous with creating some of the greatest drift angle kits in the world. Used by the biggest names in the drifting including James Deane and Forrest Wang to name a few, their refinement over less than a decade has led to complete domination, and quite frankly if you're not running Wisefab you're not winning competitions. Honed from high strength steel, each component is precision made, ensuring the direction you point your car is absolutely perfect every time.

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