WORK Wheels Replacement 19" Polished Step Lips for VS fitment - 2.5"

WORK Wheels Replacement 19" Polished Step Lips for VS fitment - 2.5" [40 Holes] [PAIR]

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In Stock! A brand new pair of Replacement WORK Outer Lips for WORK VS fitment.

Normally these items are custom ordered from Japan with ~1 month lead time. This item is in stock in the UK at Driftworks!

The product images show the relevant measurements to confirm against your current lips. WORK lip widths are measured from the hub mounting face to the inside of the lip. Please see the measuring diagram from WORK Wheels in the product photos.

For reference we have also included a photo from the inside of the wheel showing the mounting face to bead measurement which can be taken when the wheel has a tyre fitted.

Please be 100% sure that you understand and are happy with the fitment before purchasing. If you need any assistance please don't hesitate to ask. Driftworks are one of the worlds largest global distributors for Work Wheels. We have supplied over 6,000 custom Work Wheels in the past two and a half years.


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Founded back in 1977 by Takeshi Tanaka, WORK Wheels began in Japan with a modest capital. Over the many years of successful business, WORK Wheels are now a household name and regarded as one of Japan's premier manufacturers of high-quality, aftermarket performance wheels. Built with pride and the attention you'd expect from highly skilled craftsmen, each 1, 2, and 3-piece wheel is manufactured and completed to the highest safety standards. Multiple testing during the manufacturing process ensures the wheels are true and meet the high standards expected from WORK Wheels. Each WORK wheel is tailor-made in Japan to your exact specification. So you get wheels to fit your car, that is your style, with your fitment. WORK Wheels focus heavily on the technology used in rim forming and the rim barrel in a WORK wheel is what sets their alloys apart from the competition. The rim barrel is the part of the wheel that takes most of the load of the vehicle and WORK Wheels is one of the only companies in the world that has developed and uses a ‘Solid Rim Flange’ which provides the strength. Even after all these years Takeshi Tanaka's entrepreneurial spirit continues to inspire and live on and through the thousands of perfectly formed wheels produced by WORK he has created generations of fans influenced directly by his unique vision.


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