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Driftworks XM-Series Rod Ends

New XM-Series Rod Ends
At considerable cost to ourselves, we've also upgraded all Driftworks alignment arms that use regular sized rod ends* to now include our highest quality XM-Series rod ends, sourced in the UK. All rod ends will now be covered by a two year warranty alongside our lifetime warranty on the structural part of Driftworks alignment arms.

 Driftworks Arms Lifetime Warranty

XM-Series Rod End Diagram

So why the change? We love feedback and we love to be better, so we've made these changes to give our customers what they want: more affordable alignment arms with better quality rod ends! We’ve experienced fantastic reliability with our XM-Series rod ends in the past, having used them on all of our custom builds (including the DW86).

"Ahh man! I've just bought a full Driftworks alignment kit! Am I missing out?"
Not at all! As a gesture of good will, our new two year rod end warranty also covers all existing rod ends bought within the last two years.
Should any of your old type rod ends cause problems within the two year warranty period, we'll replace them with new XM-Series rod ends free of charge.

"We very much appreciate the loyalty that our customers show to our brand and would like to thank everyone that has provided us with valuable feedback that enables us to keep on improving our products. We hope that the changes we've made in price and quality will ensure many years of reliability with what is probably the best value alignment arm range in the market, backed up by the best customer service in the industry.

Many thanks,
Phil, James and the Driftworks team"

*Arms that don't use regular sized rod ends are the Toyota JZX90/100 Tension Rods and Nissan 350Z Traction Rods as these already use a higher grade of custom rod end.

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